Website maintenance isn’t your zone of genius. It’s time to outsource it and spend time doing the stuff that actually makes you money.

Who’s looking after your website?

In the years we’ve been in business we’ve heard plenty of stories from businesses who had a website developed and never heard another thing from their developer after the job was done.

We’ve heard of website support sold from one business to another, only to have that support disappear altogether.

That’s not how we roll.

Our website maintenance packages are designed to take all the painful ‘tech stuff’ off your hands. We’re only an email away when you want something added or changed or fixed.

We know what it’s like, you log into your website every couple of weeks and notice you have 15 updates to run (that’s assuming your web developer told you to run them). As soon as you start running the updates the ‘briefly down for website maintenance’ message pops up. The message hangs around for the next 30 minutes while you sit there tapping your toes waiting to do what you came to your website to do.

Enough is enough.

You’ve got better ways to use your time.

Outsourcing your website maintenance is simple and straightforward. We’ll keep everything up to date for you. We’ll manage all your backups (both on and off site). Plus we’ll upgrade your site to run the duck’s nuts of website security.

In the unlikely event that the sh!t does hit the fan and something goes terribly wrong with your website, we’ll manage the disaster recovery.

Our regular dual backups + tech know how mean that getting you back up and running will be quick and painless.

Our website maintenance packages are perfect for you if:

You’ve been looking after all your own website maintenance

No one, not you or a third party are managing your website maintenance

You’ve got an existing website maintenance agreement but aren’t getting the level of service you want or need.

There’s no lock in contract. Give it a go, see what you think and you can cancel any time.

Here’s what you get:

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