Social Media… that’s just for kids and people wasting their time procrastinating isn’t it?

Not to mention there’s something about the idea of marketing your business online that feels (insert unpleasant adjective here)*.

*uncomfortable, stupid, unnecessary, overwhelming, confusing, etc

In truth, building a solid online presence for your business is essential for growth.

Social media and your own website are the most important things that you should be using to market your business right now.

Not to mention, using them is whole lot cheaper than having your business marketed in someone else’s publication. 

With the right approach it can be simple and highly targeted.

This is where we can help you.

We’ll help make your business stand out to the RIGHT people online.

And, by RIGHT, we mean the clients you want  to attract.

We’ll teach you how to reach a highly targeted audience and build a loyal community around your business. Plus give you the tools to better serve and retain your existing client base.

You know that you need an online presence for your business and, for you, that most likely means a website and social media presence.

The trouble is you aren’t 100% sure how you should be using them to attract new customers and clients.  Chances are you also aren’t capitalising on the critical third pillar.

Our approach is a three pillared one, this is what makes it solid because you aren’t left hanging out to dry when something changes.

1. Create an inviting online home

a website that reflects your brand and enhances credibility while engaging your audience.

2. Build a community around your business

customer loyalty is essential, and what better way to build it than fostering relationships though your social networks.

3. Stay in touch

your email database enables a direct line of communication and way to add value to the people most important to you (for free).

When you build a strong community around your business it doesn’t matter how much tactics, platforms and algorithms change because you are the one in control.

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